6th Anniversary Specials

8 Girls Printing & Bling 15% off
Jane Adamsons
Water Colors 10% off
Betty Alezones Mixed Media
Sailboat 15% off
Barbara Lindfors originals and
prints 10% off
Deb Cheslow- Author
10% off her Self Help Books
Don Christian 20% off selected
Faye Minnicozzi 50% off selected
Dot Gillespie 50% off selected
Ann Marie Guzman 10% off
Diane Hand 15% off prints
Dale Helzler 10% off signs
Elmer Holt 10% 0ff photography
on stainless steel
Jamie Holton 10% off glass
home decor
Doris Hynes 10% off hand
woven baskets
Sandi Johnston 10% off
selected shell designs
Donalyn Knight - author 10% off
her book
Bob Ledone 30% off his Lighthouse
Laura McNeeley 10% off her
heart strings
Kathy Neimeier 10% off selected
Pat Clematito 20% off selected
hand painted bird houses
Pam Evans 30% off
Sandi Pastor 10% embroidered
fabric bags, napkins
Peter Pawlicki photography 15% off
Mike Ring photography 15% off
Designs by Phillie sea shell art
15% off
Designs by SCS Jewelry 10% off
Ann Taylor Author and artist
10% off
Deb Wales sea glass and starfish
10% off
Beau Wild artist 15% off

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